Pinterest is the best way to drive traffic to newer and older blogs alike. Learn how this blogger uses Pinterest for her blog traffic, and gets over 50% of incoming blog traffic from this search engine. Tailwind, social media, social media scheduling, Pinterest scheduler, how to blog, how to get more traffic

The Ultimate Pinterest Strategy to Increase Your Page Views

May 24, 2017

Pinterest is the best way to drive traffic to newer and older blogs alike. Learn how this blogger uses Pinterest for her blog traffic, and gets over 50% of incoming blog traffic from this search engine. Tailwind, social media, social media scheduling, Pinterest scheduler, how to blog, how to get more trafficIs anyone else obsessed with Pinterest? Why wouldn’t you be? Pinterest is home to travel guides, fashion guides, blogging tips, life advice…recipes?! I could go on and on. Other than being a great place to find interesting and exciting content, Pinterest is a powerful tool for driving traffic to your blog. Because I’m Pinterest #obsessed, I’m going to go through the Pinterest strategy that brings me over 50% of my incoming traffic.

This Pinterest strategy will:

  • Help you decide what kind of pinning schedule you need
  • Help you make money blogging
  • Teach you how to turn Pinterest on auto-pilot so you can spend less time pinning, and more time on your blog

So, my blog’s audience started with my mom, my best friends, and my boyfriend. Pinterest has been essential for expanding my audience and getting new sets of eyes to my blog. It’s seriously perfect for newbies like you and me to get our content seen!

Some bloggers don’t really know where to get started when it comes to creating a money-making blog. I started this blog hopeful I’d make money within the first 3-6 months. I earned nearly $75 my first month blogging, and from there I’ve seen a steady growth.

For me, step one of starting a profitable blog was planning my content and writing a few engaging articles. Step two was learning and prioritizing Pinterest. And then I committed to step three: investing in a self-hosted, WordPress blog.

This post contains affiliate links to help keep this blog running.
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The Basics to the Ultimate Pinterest Strategy

Before we get started, there are a few basics I’m not going to go into depth about in this article. I’m writing with the assumption that you’ve got the basics down:

  1. Ensure your Pinterest account is a “business” one, with rich pins enabled
  2. Use long, vertical images (you can create them for free using Canva)
  3. Pin daily, and pin often
  4. Create cover pages for each of your boards to make your profile more attractive
  5. Join group boards

Not sure if you’ve got the basics down? Click here to learn more about creating a consistent and more attractive Pinterest profile, as well as what the heck all this talk about Pinterest groups are.

Your Pinning Schedule

There are three ways you can manage your pinning schedule: manually pinning, Boardbooster, and Tailwind. As a disclosure, I use all three methods. But, here are the pros and cons of each method so you can decide which one you prefer best.

Manually pinning:

  • You are in control of what you post, and when
  • You are limited to your pins being seen when you repin
  • It can be time-consuming, but it’s also totally free

Using Boardbooster as a Pinterest scheduler:

  • 100% autopilot after you set up your campaigns
  • Smart pin bot that does not post repeat pins to the same board during a specific amount of time
  • Plans start at $5 per month but increase as you select more aggressive pinning plans

Personally, I love Boardbooster and its capabilities. It’s the smartest scheduler around. Sign up using this link and you can try Boardbooster for free.

Using Tailwind as a Pinterest scheduler:

  • Tailwind optimizes your customizable schedule based on best times to pin
  • It’s easy to add others’ pins to your schedule
  • You can add pins to your Tailwind schedule using their browser extension and their mobile app
  • While Boardbooster is 100% autopilot, Tailwind requires a little more work to set up a pinning schedule
  • But, plans are $9.99 per month (paid annually) for unlimited pinning, so it’s much, much cheaper to pin aggressively with Tailwind.

Currently, I use Tailwind as the spearhead for my Pinterest strategy. It’s the most economical when it comes to creating an aggressive pinning schedule, and it has a variety of tools to support your blog.

Haven’t tried Tailwind yet? You can try Tailwind for free by signing up using this link!

So, how can you effectively use Tailwind for your Pinterest strategy, and increase page views to your blog?

Create Tailwind Schedule

I take advantage of Tailwind’s unlimited pinning feature. Currently, I schedule pins around 100 times per day. I spend a maximum of 1 hour per week (if that) managing this aggressive pinning schedule with Tailwind.

As you can see, Tailwind helps you create an optimized Pinterest schedule depending on your times of high engagement. You can even add a specific time slot if you want something pinned at a specific time.

Pinterest is the best way to drive traffic to newer and older blogs alike. Learn how this blogger uses Pinterest for her blog traffic, and gets over 50% of incoming blog traffic from this search engine. Tailwind, social media, social media scheduling, Pinterest scheduler, how to blog, how to get more traffic

The content I pin is not primarily my own. Remember that you also want to grow your followers, and thereby increase your long-term page views. So how do you do that? Populating boards that your followers will enjoy with other bloggers’ pins!

Don’t know where to start? There are many ways you can find pins (other than your own) to add to your schedule:

  • Facebook groups with “Pin All” threads
  • Tailwind Tribes (If you’re down to support other bloggers, join my Tailwind Tribe for free! You do not have to pay to use Tailwind Tribes)
  • Pinterest groups (don’t forget, you can subscribe to my e-mail list for exclusive access to my list of 100+ Pinterest groups to join, categorized by niche)

You don’t only have to pin your blog posts and others’ blog posts, either. You can add links to your affiliates into your Tailwind pinning rotation. Others will either be inspired by the photo you select or maybe even purchase, whatever you are pinning. (Don’t miss these other money-making blogging tips here!)

Mobile Scheduling

Another great feature Tailwind offers is the ability to pin, and set up your pinning schedule, from your phone.

So when you’re browsing Pinterest on your phone (#whodoesn’t?) you can easily schedule pins from your phone.

In case you wanted to know: it’s basically how I spend my commute to work: catch up on interesting articles I find on Pinterest, and add the top-notch articles to my Pinterest schedule using the Tailwind mobile app. #multitasking

(Pssst: I also primarily repin from my Pinterest groups, The Lady Blog Project and Millennial Boss Network! Follow me on Pinterest, then shoot me a message, to contribute!)

Board Lists

Now that your schedule is set up, how the heck are you going to fill it?

Tailwind has an amazing feature called “Board Lists” that is similar to Boardbooster’s Campaign feature.

Pinterest is the best way to drive traffic to newer and older blogs alike. Learn how this blogger uses Pinterest for her blog traffic, and gets over 50% of incoming blog traffic from this search engine. Tailwind, social media, social media scheduling, Pinterest scheduler, how to blog, how to get more traffic

Setting up your board lists is so simple!

  1. Under “Publish,” select “Board Lists.
  2. Add a List.
  3. Name your List!
  4. Add group boards you want to be added to the list.
  5. When you schedule a pin, select the list (or lists) that are relevant to the pin.
  6. BAM! Pinterest on total auto-pilot.

My strategy for this is varying the types of pins I schedule, creating an interval between pins (so I don’t appear spammy), and ensuring that I’m pinning to group boards with unlimited pin limits.

Tailwind Tribes

Lastly, one of the features that sets Tailwind apart are its Tailwind Tribes. Think of Tailwind Tribes like pods or groups where you can post your pins for others to repin and find great content from your fellow bloggers to repin!

You can find quality content to populate your boards (thus creating happy followers). Oh, and Tailwind Tribes pretty much ensure your content will get shared, therefore increasing your audience. Of course, for them to work, everyone has to be repinning!

You can either use the Tailwind in-browser extension or share from the website, to share your content within a Tribe.

Check out the stats from my latest Tribes digest:

Pinterest is the best way to drive traffic to newer and older blogs alike. Learn how this blogger uses Pinterest for her blog traffic, and gets over 50% of incoming blog traffic from this search engine. Tailwind, social media, social media scheduling, Pinterest scheduler, how to blog, how to get more traffic

A reach of 8 million for my own pins? Doesn’t sound too shabby. Are you convinced?! First, sign up for Tailwind. Then, start by joining my Tailwind Tribe for free! Don’t worry – they don’t ask for a credit card!

Remember that in order for Tailwind Tribes to be effective, you should be sharing others’ content. It’s a win-win situation because you get great content to repin (which helps your Pinterest algorithm), and your pins will receive shares.

Tailwind Tribes have been a miracle for me when it comes to increasing my Pinterest exposure.

Make Money Using Pinterest Strategy

Tailwind is cost-effective, automatic, and truly increases the amount of exposure you get for your pins. When you’re a blogger struggling to get page views, Tailwind is perfect for automating your pinning process so you can focus on promoting your blog elsewhere.

There are so many ways to gain exposure on Pinterest with or without a large audience.

Want to keep growing your blog traffic?

There are many ways to structure your pinning schedule:

  • Focus on pinning your best performing content (use Tailwind’s Monitor Your Domain feature to see your best-performing pins)
  • Pin articles that bring you the most money
  • Pin others’ content to your boards to increase your following
  • You can even add affiliate links for products you use to your pinning schedule! (Be sure to disclose the link is an affiliate link)

Want more money-making tips? 

If this Pinterest strategy helped you, please don’t forget to repin or share!

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  • Lacee

    Great minds think alike because I just finished my Pinterest guide post over the weekend! I am loving Tailwind! 🙂 Another great post Krista.

  • You explained everything so clear cut and to the point! Once I added Tailwind into the mix and start to manually pin more, my Pinterest account has grown tremendously.

  • Hey Krista!

    Great job on explaining your awesome strategy. I recently also discovered the groups lists and their are so convenient. keep up the useful content 🙂

  • Krista, thank you SO much for this information!!! To be honest, I only use instagram and facebook, so I didn’t really use to pinterest for my blog. Only pinned few boards I was interested in! But I was struggling to monetize my blog, and here you are, helping me out step by step! <3

  • Some great ideas here! Thanks Krista!

  • THANK YOU for the detailed explanation and images of Tailwind! I’m definitely saving this for later to look over when I want to officially make the jump to pay for it (as I’m currently saving for several trips over the next 2 years lol) Great information!

  • I’m actually just getting the hang of using Pinterest so this is really helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for sharing your Pinterest strategy with us! You made Boardbooster and Tailwind super easy to understand. You also reminded me that I need to create covers for my Pinterest boards! That’s now on my to-do list for this weekend 🙂

  • Omg, I needed this so badly! Pinterest is the only sharing site that I don’t really feel like I’ve scratched the surface on. I don’t use rich pins, I don’t schedule any pins, I’m basically just going at it blindly! I do have board covers though, and I am a part of several group boards. So I’m on the right track, I guess! But this post made it seem a lot more approachable, so thanks!

  • I’m already addicted to Pinterest so I should probably start utilizing more of these tips. I currently use Tailwind but does Board Booster have any significant advantages over it?

  • I love your blogging tips! I’ll definitely start using this in my pinterest strategy. 🙂

  • Hi Krista! I never knew that there were such plans for automated pinning on pinterest! Currently I only focus on promoting on instagram and facebook,…. pinning only twice a week on pinterest for my blog. My pins aren’t really getting repinned despite being in group boards though… not too sure what’s the problem. Do you repin something twice on the same board? Is that something wise to do?

  • That’s great! We use Pinterest but don’t really have much traffic generation from it. We will try implementing your suggestions. We do use Board Booster. Is Tailwind better?

  • I’m going to start using Tailwind but what I don’t understand is that you have to find the pins you are scheduling and then you save them through Tailwind? And then what about re-pinning – does it re-pin the same image over and over again the same board? But then if you are re-pinning your top blogpost, wont you have the same pin in the board over and over again!?

    Thanks for your help! This was useful – I definitely will start doing this!

  • Hi Krista, this is an excellent post. I have been using BoardBooster for a while (I had a coupon for 3k free pins) and it has giving me regular (so so) results. I am going to try Tailwind based on the info you have provided here. Question, I understand very well how you are pinning content to gain a following and increase your pinning power. However, how you integrate your content without being spammy? How often you pin your own content? Thanks!

    • Hey Ruth! Thanks for your super awesome question. Currently, my pinning schedule is around 50-60 pins/day.

      So, I just counted. I’m a part of 57 group boards. I don’t necessarily post once per day in each board. But, as explained in this post, I use those Tailwind “Board Lists” to sort my pins. The GENERAL category boards that receive a high volume of pins are categorized in what I call my Daily Boost thread. But I try to spread most of my pins out and whatnot.

      Hopefully this helps! Cheers!

  • Great ideas! Very useful tips to increase traffic through Pinterest. Groups are a very good option it definitely give results. Thanks, Krista 🙂

  • Awesome tips – I’ve been trying to step up my Pinterest game myself, so this post comes in handy!

    Can I ask, approximately how many pins per day would you recommend to someone- oh man, I just saw in the answer above it’s about 50-60 pins per day:) So thank you for that insight, great to know – I always thought that would be too much, but apparently it’s fine!:)

  • Hi Krista!

    Thank you for the wonderful tips. I definitely agree with your strategy of using both schedulers. Boardbooster for scheduling your own pins and Tailwind for scheduling other people’s pins. I’ve seen the best pinners use both to grow their traffic and following.

    When I was only using Boardbooster for, I noticed our follower growth plateaued after the first few months so I decided to use Tailwind as well. Thank goodness they have an unlimited pinning plan, lol. I could never do that with Boardbooster. They charge a penny for every pin which is understandable but not feasible if you’d like to pin aggressively on your account.

    Anyhow, thanks again for this guide. I’m following you now on Pinterest and hope the best for your blog and business!