How You Can Make Money Online from Anywhere in the World

September 21, 2017

Imagine being able to work from anywhere in the world with a WiFi connection. The South of France. Australia. Venezuela. Indonesia. Seems unreal, right? But what if I told you it’s easier than you think to make money online?

It's totally and 100% possible to make money online from anywhere with a WiFi connection. If you're interested in working from home, or starting an online side hustle, learn about these 15 ways you can work from home and start a career online - from the comfort of your laptop.

(I mean, you’re not going to be making a salary that competes with your day job overnight. But if you put your heart, and hard work, into it, you can seriously build a career where you can work remotely.)

This year I undertook a massive soul-searching journey where I discovered my strengths and learned how to use those strengths to make money online.

And, I mean, I’ve had an entrepreneurial mindset since I was, like, 12-years-old when I mastered certain skills on Runescape in order to maximize my gold income.

And not only that – in college, I spent my free time performing tasks on Mturk (that extra $60 a month was HUGE as a broke college student). But I never really understood how to make money online until earlier this year when I started my blog.

Since then, I’ve spent countless hours reading about the different ways you can make money online. Call me obsessed. But it’s incredible to witness more and more companies offering remote working options. The world is changing, and babe – you can take advantage of this change.

It’s not a myth.

Here are 15 ways you can make money online – and I’ll even give you some resources on where to start.

This post contains affiliate links to keep our blog up and running!
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1. Freelancing

Freelancing is basically being a self-employed worker who can either work with companies remotely, or create their own company and work with clients.

Examples of freelancing include web design, social media management, content writing, web development, programming, graphic designing…but the list goes on so long as there is a need for it.

  • Fiverr: You can use Fiverr to get started creating and selling gigs online. They do take a 20% cut of your earnings. But it offers a decent way to get started, get your name out there, and build your portfolio.
  • Upwork: Freelancing gigs from web design, graphic design, customer service, assistant work.
  • PeoplePerHour: Another freelancing website with gigs including market research, social media, web design, and blog writing.

Because of the high fees associated with these websites, in the long run it’s more profitable to make your own website and acquire your own clients. You don’t have to deal with the fees of the middleman, but it might be a challenge to find your first clients.

How to Get Started: A HUGE part of freelancing is understanding your skills, and learning how to market them. If you’re wondering how to start freelancing, brand yourself, get clients, and scale your freelancing business, you should invest in the Ready… Set… Freelancing course. It’s an in-depth course with 10 modules that walk you through everything you need to successfully start freelancing.

Use my code KRISTA50 to get 50% off Ready Set Freelancing through October 5th.

2. Make Money Using Maven

I’ve said it for months: Maven is just like Pinterest, but on steroids. Basically, you create boards (think every occasion: beach, skiing, girls’ night out, household items) and “pin” products to them. You can use products from all over the web from any of the thousands of retailers Maven works with.

Then, you can share your boards anywhere: on your blog, to your mailing list, on your social media channels.

Like, if you use Linktree to share multiple links on Instagram, you can totally add a Linktree URL just for your Maven boards. Call it, shop my closet or whatever you want.

When someone purchases a product from your boards or using your link, you get a commission from Maven.

It's totally and 100% possible to make money online from anywhere with a WiFi connection. If you're interested in working from home, or starting an online side hustle, learn about these 15 ways you can work from home and start a career online - from the comfort of your laptop.

After you build the boards, the money you earn feels totally passive. They transfer money to your Paypal account monthly as long as you reach their payout minimum of $20.

Plus, if you’re a blogger, you can get access to special offers to work with brands. All you need to do is input your blog URL when you sign up. If you’re not a blogger and you’re interested in blogging, check out this next section.

So, what are you waiting for?! Click here to start earning passive income from Maven today.

3. Start a Blog

Personally, I think every millennial should start a blog. In the age of Instagram, social media, and sharing our lifestyles, managing a blog just feels like the next step.

It's totally and 100% possible to make money online from anywhere with a WiFi connection. If you're interested in working from home, or starting an online side hustle, learn about these 15 ways you can work from home and start a career online - from the comfort of your laptop.

Blogging has been a huge part of my soul searching journey.

There is definitely a learning curve attached to blogging. And, starting a blog seriously requires a lot of time. You’re planning content, you’re writing it, you’re posting and engaging on social media, you’re constantly finding ways to promote your blog. But honestly, if you have the drive and the passion to start a blog, you’ll love every second of it.

Have a domain name in mind? Use the widget below to see if it’s available.

Curious about the exact marketing & monetization steps you need to start a profitable blog?
Check out my ebook Career in the Making.

Or, click here to get started with Siteground at less than $4/mo.

Update: Bluehost has offered my readers a special price of hosting at $2.95/mo, with a free domain included! Click here to redeem the offer.

4. Affiliate Marketing

One of the ways to passively make money online is through affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you put in work up front. And you can reap the benefits of getting affiliate commissions while you sleep, work, or even travel.

Affiliate marketing at its simplest is partnering with other companies to promote their products. If someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you get a commission of the sale. Here are some affiliate networks for you to start:

  • ShareASale: partner with a huge variety of companies including Missguided, Pura Vida Bracelets and Etsy.
  • Ultimate Bundles: sign up to advertise huge bundles with products related to health & fitness, travel, or working from home.
  • Awin: a large affiliate network that connects you to big companies including Etsy, Fiverr, Swagbucks, and Decluttr.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start “selling” online because you don’t have to create a product yourself.

To increase your affiliate conversions, start by identifying what items you use (and love) that you may want to promote.

Then, you can start implementing affiliate marketing on either social media, a blog, or even to a mailing list via email.

5. Email Marketing

Alternatively, you can grow a mailing list and eventually make money through email marketing.

There are a couple simple ways to grow a mailing list:

  • Create a landing page for your mailing list using Mailerlite and circulate that mailing list on social media (including Pinterest)
  • Market the landing page on a blog or website (click here for a step-by-step guide on how to start your own WordPress website)

After that, brainstorm content ideas to send your mailing list! Maybe set up an automated email series to begin building your relationship with your readers. As you come across promotions, services, or sales you think would be useful to your mailing list, send them out to them.

6. Open an Etsy Store

If you’re a creative, stating an Etsy store is a great way to make money online. You can design physical products to sell or even sell digital ones.


You can get super creative and sell more than that – whether it’s stickers, keychains, handmade gifts, or digital gifts.

Plus – Etsy is a marketplace where people search for gifts and products made by creatives! If you do start your own Etsy shop, optimizing it for searches will help your items be found throughout the site. With this in mind, make sure to name your products with relevant keywords so your items can easily be found.

Want to Learn More? Try These Etsy Courses:

7. Write a Course

So there’s probably a course for everything. Undoubtedly there’s something you either know, or know how to do, that someone else would love to add to their toolkit. Maybe it’s preparing for a marathon, negotiating a raise, sales and customer service, social media for the industry where you work, or even crocheting.

There are two main platforms you could use to create and host your course:

  • Udemy: udemy does all the marketing for you, but sells the courses at a lower cost.
  • Teachable: you are in charge of the marketing, but can sell your course at a higher cost.

Protip: Look at the Amazon bookstore if you have an idea for a course. Search for your term and pay attention to the book’s rankings. If it’s ranked above 20,000 or better, people are willing to pay to learn about this topic.

8. Write an Ebook

Similar to a course, you could also condense specific knowledge you have into an ebook.

  • Sendowl: low fees (you pay monthly based on plans) but you are in charge of all the marketing.
  • Amazon: higher fees (you pay a percentage of the sale) but Amazon markets the book based on keywords you choose.

Ebooks are a great way to offer condensed, yet detailed, knowledge to a larger audience. You can also use Amazon to search for a topic you want to write about and see how popular the subject you want to write about is with paying readers.

9. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTubers make money from ad revenue, sponsorship, and affiliate marketing. If you’re going to start a YouTube channel, we recommend diversifying your income with other sources.

It’s hard to start out and get noticed on YouTube, so it’s better if your YouTube videos complement any other presence you have online.

10. Monetize Your Influence and Work with Brands

Another way to monetize your influence is by leveraging your influence on social media and working with brands. An easy way to start working with brands is by joining an influencer network. These networks connect you to opportunities for sponsored posts on both social media and a blog (if you have one).

Alternatively, you can cold pitch to brands proposing a partnership. This method puts you in direct contact with brands and cuts out any middleman fees.

11. Create Products & Sell them Online

You can also create products and sell them online. Jessica of Cuddly Potatoes (I’ve raved about her to you guys before) has turned her flipping adorable comics into all sorts of items – stickers, keychains, postcards…and she will eventually sell plushies.

Jessica has turned her huge Facebook following of over 100,000 into a Burritocorn fandom that helped her fund 1000%+ of her first Kickstarter. She also sells and ships physical items in her online shop.

You don’t have to be an artist with a huge following to create and market your own products. If you’re not a physical creative with

If you’re not a physical creative with artistic skills, you can even turn to digital products (spreadsheets, videos, photos, etc.) and sell those on the marketplace.

Like, if you’re totally into your budget and maybe even forecasting the future of your investments via an Excel spreadsheet… someone might totally want that.

Think about things you already use for yourself that others might find useful (e.g. a coupon lifehack or a tutorial on how you take and edit your photos). Someone will find something like that useful if you market it the right way.

12. Invest Your Savings

If you have savings to spare, let them grow in an investment account. Investing can be true passive income.

Because I don’t have any investment knowledge, I actually use Betterment to manage my savings and investments. What I love about them is they personalize my investment strategy based on my goals (long-term, short-term, and retirement investing).

They have a 0.25% annual fee which is perfect for anyone who wants to passively grow their savings, but doesn’t know where to start. If you use my Betterment link to sign up, you actually get 90 days managed for free.

Are you debt-free? Then you should absolutely look into investing your savings. It doesn’t have to be with Betterment. But you see such a small rate of return from a regular savings account, and your money will be put to better use in an investment account that pays.

So this is going to be really weird for me to talk about, but I love being totally and 100% transparent with you guys and I like showing you my results from trying out different things.

I recently opened a Charles Schwab Checkings Account because they offer rebates on ATM fees and a 0.15% annual percentage yield. Totally recommend this Checkings account – it is absolutely perfect for millennials and travelers.

It’s my first Checkings account that gives an APY, too (distributed monthly) so it’s nice to “store” extra money in there (I don’t really mean to brag, and let me just say I’m 100% not made of money, but I’ve not spent much of the money I’ve made blogging and I’ve been researching what to do with it).

So this is what I received at the end of one month with over $2,200 USD:

So the 0.15% APY turns out to be $0.28 USD after one month (click here to use a fancy online APY calculator).

I decided to do an experiment and put $1,000 USD into an account with Betterment on August 25 of this year.

Since I started this account (basically, in less than one month) it’s earned me $19.19. At this rate of return, I’d rather use my extra cash to pay off my student loans. But as someone with no investing knowledge, I will definitely keep my surplus money in some kind of investment account.

P.S. I totally don’t get any money if you use my link to sign up with Betterment, but I do get one free month managed free – and you get three months managed free.

13. Sell Your Older Items

Another (unconventional) way to make money online is leveraging the Internet to sell your older items.

  • Decluttr: a totally hassle-free way to sell your old phones, cds, dvds, games & technology. It’s free to sign up and use Decluttr – they give you an instant quote when you submit your items and don’t charge for shipping. (P.S. Sign up now and use the code FIRST10 to get an extra 10% on your tech items until September 30)
  • Facebook Community Groups: Check to see if your local community has a classifieds group where you can list your items!
  • Craigslist: Obviously, you can also try selling your items on Craigslist.

Some of these methods take more time than others, but it’s super worth it if you are trying to minimize and make money. After all – instead of buying and storing all this stuff … you could seriously be traveling the world.

14. Offer Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistants work remotely to help entrepreneurs and businesses with administrative tasks, research, scheduling, etc. If you have office experience, or if organizing your email inbox fills you with an insane amount of gratification, you’ll probably be a perfect virtual assistant.

It’s great because you can put your office experience to work without having to deal with the daily commute.

How to Get Started: Use this step-by-step guide to create your own website, and start with the ebook The Bootstrap VA to learn more about how to get started and get clients.

15. Find Remote Work

With the internet, you can also find remote work – that is, job opportunities from companies that allow you to work remotely (away from the office). But, how do you find and apply to remote jobs?

It’s like really flipping cool to have so many opportunities to find work online. In fact, I’ve used Facebook groups to find freelance WordPress gigs.

Remember: you can use my code KRISTA50 to get 50% off the Ready Set Freelance course!

Hey, soul searchers! Want to learn more?

First of all, if you liked this post – don’t forget to bookmark it, share it with someone who might be interested in this kind of information, or pin it to read later.

Are you just PUMPED about rerouting your lifestyle and making money online? Are you curious about learning more? I’m so excited to announce my totally free 5-day SOUL SEARCHER SERIES. Together we explore how to use your current skillset to maximize your potential of making money online. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Day 1: A Self-Discovery Session
  • Day 2: Make Money Online with Your Current Skillset
  • Day 3: Discover YOUR Potential of Making Money Online
  • Day 4: Design a Website that Draws Crowds
  • Day 5: Smart Goal Setting that Will Guarantee Results

Want to learn more? Click here to learn more & sign up for the free 5 day Soul Searcher Series.

P.S. So for some reason, a lot of people I talk to think it’s a total myth when I say it’s possible to build a career online.

But it’s 100% possible to use your skills to start a career working anywhere with a WiFi connection. Especially as an English native.

It's not a myth. You can make money online...from anywhere in the world. Click To Tweet

So I’m going to release a series of interviews and articles from others who make money online while they travel the world.

If you’re interested in a specific type of remote career and want to learn more about how to get started from someone who ACTUALLY accomplishes it, drop a comment below! I’ll do the research for you and find a bombacious babe who makes money from a career using her laptop!

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